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National public health week?

February 28, 2008

Were all very aware currently that we should prevent from using plastic bags, switch lights off when not needed and buy free range to protect the chickens. I thought this was all brilliant- the UK’s getting greener!

However when I found out that America has a public health week that focuses on the environmental issues that affect their health.


It got me wondering if I’d been totally oblivious to the UK’s health week. Where was ours? I googled away and found that we have Fair trade fortnight, Obesity awareness week, Hospital broadcasting week, Recycle now week, World environment day, National organic week and National tree week that all focus on providing the nation with environmental and health issues but I’m afraid to say I’d not heard of a single one of them. I felt rather guilty that I’d been totally unaware of such weeks and days.

Public health week has been up and running since 1996 making a certain environmental issue a main concern each year. This year’s main concerns the association will be fronting are the effects of climate change on our health. They aim to raise awareness and to educate the public, policy makers and public health professionals about climate change effects of when they will happen rather than if.

By highlighting the impacts of climate change on the environment and health they hope to influence Americans to lead their lives in a healthier more environmentally friendly way that will help manage and lessen the impacts of climate change.

I’m all for supporting fair trade week and other environmental awareness weeks now I’ve been made aware that they exist. But if were going to make a visible difference on the environment maybe a UK health week needs to established.