‘Love Your Planet, Choose Organic’

May 29, 2008

Make a note in your diary’s to celebrate the Soil Associations Organic Fortnight this September. The events kick off on the 6th September at Bristol’s Harborside which claims to be Europe’s biggest organic celebration.  


The aim of the event


The Soil Association are organizing events up and down the country, getting involved communities, schools, restaurants and retailers to celebrate and educate about all things organic. The message of this year’s event is ‘Love Your Planet, Choose Organic’ in which the association provides a in-depth look into how organic produce- clothes, beauty, food and farming- is an all round better option to make to make a better planet.

Events of the fortnight

Supporters of the event are planning interesting ways to get people involved with the celebration and to ultimately educate them of the benefits of choosing organic such as:

  • Organic breakfasts at work
  • Organic cookery lessons at school
  • Farm open days
  • Organic fashion shows

If you fancy creating your own event for the Organic Fortnight register your details at www.soilassociation.org/joinus .


 Why choose organic…



  • Organic fruit and vegetables contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals and cancer fighting antioxidants. As well as containing few additives and using avoid pesticides in production.
  • Organic farming production has the highest animal welfare standards. It produces less pollution and carbon dioxide from sprayers- better for wildlife and the environment.


  • Organic cotton farmers do not use harmful chemicals in production. Non organic farmers use 25% of the world’s pesticides to produce cotton. This causes damage the environment and the health of the cotton farm workers.
  • Organic cotton farm workers in developing countries also receive higher incomes and have better health. They work in better conditions than non-organic cotton farm workers and work less hours.


  • Organic beauty cosmetics ban the use of synthetic fragrances so are far less likely to cause allergies and irritation.
  • No parabens, no phthalates and no GM’s are used in organic beauty products.
  • There are multiple organic cosmetic ranges on the market (e.g. balms, lotion and makeup) which are clearly marked with the Soil Association symbol making it easier to make environmentally friendly choices.

 To find out more about how your community is celebrating Organic Fortnight visit the Soil Associations website at www.soilassocation.org/organicfortnight and get involved!


One Response to “‘Love Your Planet, Choose Organic’”

  1. Suzann said

    Wow, Laura, I just discovered your blog – it’s so wonderful. Thank you for “loving our planet” enough to put such time and energy into creating a blog that hopefully will really make a difference. You are a treasure.

    With warmest regards,

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