The organic mould unfold

April 15, 2008

Storing organic waste has been claimed to cause skin problems and breathing difficulties.


Moulds that grow on the decaying waste has been said to be a risk to our health by German scientists. As the organic materials decay they found that allergic reactions can occur such as asthma attacks, hay fever like symptoms and problems with itchy skin.


Harald Morr, the chairman of the German Lung Foundation said that by simply opening a bin containing organic waste and breathing in air-born mould spore can damage our lungs.


Other environmental pollutants are usually associated with lung damage such as transport emissions and chemical fumes. However households in Germany are now being encouraged to empty their bins more regularly, wear facemasks or hold their breath when exposed to rotting materials. This will help lower the amount of mould spores inhaled and in turn lower the risk of causing damage to the lungs.


Those with strong immune systems are less likely to experience health problems from breathing in bacteria and fungi from decaying produce.


Professor Christian Witt from the clinic of infectology and pneumology at Charitié hospital in Berlin said people with weak immune systems should avoid contact with mould especially those undergoing chemotherapy and those prone to bronchial infections should avoid proximity to rubbish bins altogether.


Aspergillomas is one of the main health problems associated with the decay of organic produce. This occurs when the fungus inhaled multiples and creates fungal abscesses that fix themselves to the insides of the lungs.


 Aspergillomas can also form abscesses within the brain, sinuses in the face, heart valves, kidneys and urinary system. The majority of those with aspergillomas do not experience any side effects and therefore many people with the disease are unaware that they have it.


Often victims of aspergillomas do not require treatment however if they experience coughing up blood surgery will be needed to control the bleeding as this could be potentially life threatening.  


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  1. Needs to be punchier. Rework your intro.

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