Study finds mobile phones are not the cause of brain cancer

March 8, 2008


                 Image by Phil Sharp at Flikr

A new Japanese study finds that the use of mobile phones does not cause brain cancer. 

Last year a government funded £8.8 million, six year research programme by the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research association revealed that the use of mobile phones was not related to short term health implication. However long term affects were left unaddressed. 

Following this Tokyo’s women’s medical study have conducted further research into the long term affects of mobile phone use by looking at the three main types of brain cancer- glioma, meningioma and pituitary adenoma. 

 The team carried out over 1000 interviews with mobile phone users, 322 of them had been diagnosed with brain cancer. 

They included research into the length of time the participants had been using their mobile phones over years and the length of time their phones were used daily with different types of mobile phones that emitted different strengths of radiation. This was then analysed by taking into account how the emissions would affect different parts of the brain. The full study has been published in the British journal of Cancer.

The research was led by Professor Naohito Yamaguchi who said “Using our newly developed and more accurate techniques, we found no association between mobile phone use and cancer, providing more evidence to suggest they don’t cause brain cancer.

Since the 1980’s mobile phone use has hugely increased however studies show that in this time the number of brain cancer victims has not changed accordingly. 

Cancer Research UK director Dr Lesley Walker said “So far, studies have shown no evidence that mobile use is harmful, but we can’t be completely sure about their long-term effects. Research is still ongoing and Cancer Research UK will continue to look for new evidence.”


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