NHS taking temperatures

February 24, 2008

Carbon emissions are being blamed for increased deaths and diseases by the NHS. The main contributors of these deaths are caused by the emission of vehicles fumes that aggravate bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases that have lead to premature 24,000 deaths in the UK in the last year and 13,000 deaths of children aged 0-4 in Europe.

Carbon emissions also make a huge impact on our blood. The toxic chemicals made from vehicle fumes are inhaled in and into our bloodstreams and interfere with the cell formation of our blood. It can reduce the amount of blood cells made leading to bone marrow loss. It can reduce the circulation of oxygen and nutrients around our bodies to function a healthy body leading to anaemia as well as leading to heart disease and heart attack through a constant battle against the toxins that eventually leads to blood vessels blocking.

Air pollution saturation is a lot higher in urban areas due to the higher traffic congestion. For example it is estimated that 80% of carbon emissions in London are the result of vehicle pollutants.

It has been suggested that we cycle, walk, and use public buses and trains as priority transportation to lower carbon emissions. But without little emphasis on the impact of high carbon emissions and without seeing any instant change in the air that we breath and our general health will we be choosing the green, environmentally friendly option over convenience anytime soon?


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