Pesty pesticides

February 23, 2008

British shoppers are going organic crazy to improve their overall health and well being with organic sales increasing by a huge 30% in the last year alone.

Organic foods such as fruit, veg, meat and milk sell themselves on the basis of being a more “healthier” option, containing superior tastes and being more environmentally friendly. The organic farming motives are to provide foods grown without artificial interference and animals reared in good conditions and without the influence of drugs or antibiotics to increase their mass.

There are fears that pesticides can cause harm to our health however The Foods Standards Agency stress that they aren’t dangerous. Our bodies are able to break down and detoxifies the man made chemical and therefore safe to eat however organic are still the “healthier” option.

These man made chemicals do strip foods of nutrients and minerals so therefore are better for us for instance a study by Liverpool University found that organic dairy contains 68% more omega 3 essential fatty acids than our standard dairy produce.

To prevent high toxic intake from non organic foods it’s suggested that you clean fruit and vegetables thoroughly as well as peeling off their outside layers as they are the part most exposed to pesticides. With meat it is suggested that you cut off excess fat because this is where pesticide build up occurs.

With pesticides not proving to make drastic dangers to our health from eating the foods reared on them, the farmers who have high exposure to them are. It is proven that regular contact with pesticides can lower fertility in men. Farmers that have day to day contact with pesticides are exposed to having abnormal and decreased sperm mortality making them less likely to father children.

Pesticides also contribute to air, soil and water pollution which can lead to destroying animal’s habitats as well as potentially killing them.

Many people are aware of this and because our attentions have been brought to the ill treatment of chicken rearing in the media perhaps the use of pesticides should as well as this too could be seen as unethical and humane towards the lives of animals.


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  1. Read up on those BASIC principles – you need to split the pars, use subheads and LINK LINK LINK. Where does this come from?

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