Chicken shock

February 17, 2008

Finding out that some supermarkets pay as little as 3p for chicken really alarmed me. These chicken are being sold for as a mere £2, a huge profit for the supermarkets and it save us consumers  few pounds if choosing to buy the battery chicken over the free range.

We ignore the consequences of their poor lifestyles of the chickens, their poor health and poor living conditions. I say “we” as i mean the majority of England. I know that myself that I’ve been igonrant of the chickens well being as I tuck into my Sunday dinner but just recently with Jamie Oliver fronting the chicken out campaign have i actually been aware and actually interested in the rearing of the British chicken.

The only query i have with free range chicken is the price of it. I believe the majority of chicken consumers will only make the move from battery to free renge wil be if the prices are lowered. It all okay for Jamie to rant about choosing free range when were all fully aware that he’ss not short of a few bob so Im going to research this further.


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